VIVA is a full-service event management firm, providing our clients with seamless concepts through event execution services. We have perfected our event management process to ensure a successful outcome for each event. We provide one point of contact for our clients to implement their vision for even the most complex mega-events - competently and with no surprises. Our national and regional network of partners, stellar experience and on the ground logistics will ensure the success of your next event. Whether you need an event planned, start to finish, or you just need on-demand services, VIVA can help.


Event Management 

Conceptual planning 

Design development 

Location scouting

Manufacturing coordination

Engineering coordination 

Production management 

Logistics planning 


Travel Services 

Contract negotiation  

Party planning

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Production staffing  

Site Coordination 

Site Services 

Site Survey 

Tech Advance 




Technical coordination 


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Event staffing




Crowd control

Traffic control

Technical services

Medical & Medivac

Film & video coordination



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VIVA also offers a full range of event marketing services to promote and support successful events. Our in-house capabilities and talented, experienced staff position us to effectively promote events ranging from small groups to the largest audiences for both virtual and face-to-face events. Our event marketing expertise and solid experience help our clients to widely broadcast events and provide cutting-edge promotional campaigns that boost attendance and ensure event success.


Event theme development 
Event branding 
Direct mail promotions 
Digital invitations and e-vites 
Event advertising 
Social media promotion 
Public Relations 
Event websites 
Virtual events 
Online event registration

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